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Revision description

1.5January 29, 2019Creation of the documentation
1.5February 4, 2019

New tags for international order registration have been added to the method "Order registration" for online store

New tags for the method "Order Change" have been added: RecipientName tag, Phone tag, Address block, DeliveryRecipientCostAdv block

A recommended phone number format has been described

1.5February 19, 2019Added description of the API calculator
1.5March 20, 2019

Additional service "Insurance" is allowed for delivery order.

Added test accounts, test method links.

1.5March 26, 2019

Added ability to identify:

  • order in the methods of changing and deleting an order by the CDEK order number;
  • city by a city name and/or an address string

Added ability to update international order fields in the changing order method.

1.5March 27, 2019Additional service "Package 1" is available.
1.5April 8, 2019

Added description of the calculator method "Calculating on tariffs without priority"

The country code in the ISO_3166-1_alpha-2 format has been added to the method "Loading the list of pickup points"

1.5April 24, 2019cityName, postcode и regionFiasGuid were added to the method "List of Cities"
1.5May 13, 2019

In the method "Registration of a Request from the Online Store" added the ability to specify the requisites of a real seller in the Seller block for further printing of requisites on checks: Name, Address, Phone, INN, OwnershipForm

Removed individual elements SellerName and SellerAddress

1.5June 17, 2019The opportunity to transfer goods marking will appear soon. In the documentation described the pass format of goods marking in the methods "Registration of a Request from the Online Store", "Order Update" and output format of goods marking in the methods "Order Status Report", "Order Information Report".
1.5August 26, 2019Mandatory fields of the Sender block have been changed in the methods "Registration of a Delivery Order"
1.5September 17, 2019New tag RecipientEmail has been added in the method "Order Change"
1.5September 29, 2019New tag timezone has been added in the "List of cities" method response


General Description


No.Tag/ attributeDescriptionType of fieldMandatory (yes/no)
1cityUuidEntity identifier in the CDEK ISUUIDyes
2cityNameCity namestring(255)yes
3cityCodeCity code from the CDEK base (see the file “City_XXX_YYYYMMDD.xls”)integeryes
4regionRegion namestring(255)yes
6regionCodeExtRF region codeintegerno
7regionCodeRegion code in the CDEK ISintegerno
8subRegionName of region's districtstring(255)no
9countryCountry namestring(255)yes
10countryCodeCountry code in the format ISO 3166-1 alpha-2integeryes
13kladrCity code according to the Russian Classifier of Addressesstring(20)no
14fiasGuid Code of an address object according to the Russian Classifier of AddressesUUIDno
15regionFiasGuidRegion code according to the Federal Information Address SystemUUIDno
16paymentLimitCash-on-delivery amount limit, possible values:
1 – no limit;
0 – cash on delivery is not accepted;
positive value – the cash-on-delivery amount does not exceed this value.
17timezoneCity timezonestringno

Example 1.List of cities in JSON

Code Block

Code Block
       "cityName": "SprockhövelThanstein",
      "cityCode": "3413371896",
        "cityUuid": "1d2ec7b128cf2cb3-f2f1ae3e-4190495c-bd609302-44d336a615e7b7c7494dfb51",
        "country": "Germany",

       "countryCode": "DE",
        "region": "North Rhine-WestphaliaBavaria",
        "regionCode": "763331",
        "subRegion":"Landkreis Schwandorf"Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis",
        "latitude": 5149.3466938333,
      "longitudepaymentLimit": 7.24343

      "cityName":"Bad "LüneburgSteben",
        "cityCode": "881064230",
        "cityUuid": "1f4a11a128fbbd82-99c005ec-4d9e4a24-999da2f7-ae680e4c557dfe3f170b110c",
        "country": "Germany",
        "countryCode": "DE",
      "region": "Lower SaxonyBavaria",
        "regionCode": "641331",
        "subRegion": "Landkreis LüneburgHof",
        "latitude": 5350.250936648,
      "longitudepaymentLimit": 10.41409
      "cityName": "WesterstedeSeinsheim",
      "cityCode": "5304367411",

       "cityUuid": "21df83e12a380d91-7ec7fe12-49f84f1e-a8b5b703-cbcf0636563860bfdb038397",

       "country": "Germany",
        "countryCode": "DE",
        "region": "Lower SaxonyBavaria",
      "regionCode": "641331",
      "subRegion": "Landkreis AmmerlandKitzingen",
        "latitude": 5349.2568264073,
      "longitudepaymentLimit": 7.92737

Example 2. List of cities in XML