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No.Tag / attributeDescriptionType of fieldMandatory (yes/no)
1InfoReportDocument title
1.1OrderShipment (order)
1.1.1NumberClient's shipment number. Order identifier in the IS of the CDEK client.string(30)yes
1.1.2DateDate on which the order has been transferred to the CDEK databasedateyes
1.1.3DispatchNumberCDEK shipment number (assigned when orders are imported). Order identifier in the CDEK IS.integeryes
1.1.4TariffTypeCodeTariff code (for more details, see Appendix No. 1)integeryes
1.1.5WeightEstimated weight (in kilograms)floatyes
1.1.6DeliverySumCost of delivery, in the settlement currency. Default: rubles.floatyes
1.1.7DateLastChangeLast change date for cost of deliverydateno
1.1.8CashOnDelivCash-on-delivery amount to be collected from the receiver in the currency of the receiver's country. Default: rubles.floatno
1.1.9CashOnDelivFactCash-on-delivery amount collected from the receiver in the currency of the receiver's country (default: rubles), subject to possible partial delivery. Available only for orders with the status “Delivered”floatno
1.1.10CashOnDelivTypePayment type of cash-on-delivery. Possible values: cash, cashless. Tag missing if payment information has not gotstrong(10)no
1.1.11DeliveryModeDelivery mode code (for more details, see Appendix No. 1)integeryes
1.1.12PvzCodePickup code specified in order at the time of request, for the delivery mode “to warehouse”string(10)yes
1.1.13DeliveryVariantDelivery option: (COURIER – courier, PVZCDEK – CDEK pickup point, PVZCLIENT – partner’s pickup point)string(10)yes
2.13SendCitySender's city
2.13.1CodeCDEK city codeintegeryes
2.13.2PostCodePostal code of the citystring(6)yes
2.13.3NameCity namestring(50)yes
2.14RecCityReceiver's city
2.14.1CodeCDEK city codeintegeryes
2.14.2PostCodePostal code of the citystring(6)yes
2.14.3NameCity namestring(50)yes
2.15AddedServiceAdditional services for orders
2.15.1ServiceCodeAdditional service code (for more details, see Appendix No. 2)integeryes
2.15.2SumValue of service in the settlement currency, default: rubles.floatyes
2.16PackagePackage (all packages are sent with different Package tags)
2.16.1NumberPackage numberstring(20)yes
2.16.2BarCodePackage barcode, package identifierstring(20)yes
2.16.3WeightTotal weight (in kilograms)integerfloatyes
2.16.4VolumeWeightVolumetric weight (in kilograms), calculated by formula: SizeA*SizeB*SizeC/5,000integeryes
2.16.5SizeAPackage dimensions. Length (in centimeters)integeryes
2.16.6SizeBPackage dimensions. Width (in centimeters)integeryes
2.16.7SizeCPackage dimensions. Height (in centimeters)integeryes
2.16.8ItemItems (goods)
yes number of the goodsstring(50)yes of itemstringno of the goods (may contain description of the goods: size, color)string(255)yes of the goods transferred for deliveryintegeryes of items of the same type delivered (pcs)integeryes value of the goods (per item in the specified the contract currency)floatyes on delivery (per item in the recipient country currency)floatyes rate included in the value of the goods (for more details, see Appendix No. 4)string(10)no amount included in the value (payment) of the goods.floatno (per item, in kilograms)integerfloatyes


The order information report method and order registration method refer to different modules of system, synchronization between which can take from several seconds to several minutes. We recommend to call order information report method after some time after creating an order.