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We start have launched the delivery of parcels in SDEK parcel terminal! Already now you can send order to parcel terminals. Details of the protocol extension are here.
In the near future, work and delivery Delivery of parcels works both with prepayment and cash on delivery, with cashless non-cash payment on the spot is expected.


For the "Order statuses" report, a limitation is introduced for the period of uploading changes. The period will be limited to 31 days. Those. DateLast - DateFirst = 31 days. If you try to enter a longer period, an error will be returned.
We recommend using lists of orders (StatusReport.Order) because soon it is planned to abandon the method of issuing statuses by period.

Table of Contents

Revision History


Revision date

Revision description

1.5January 29, 2019Creation of the documentation
1.5February 4, 2019

New tags for international order registration have been added to the method "Order registration" for online store

New tags for the method "Order Change" have been added: RecipientName tag, Phone tag, Address block, DeliveryRecipientCostAdv block

A recommended phone number format has been described

1.5February 19, 2019Added description of the API calculator
1.5March 20, 2019

Additional service "Insurance" is allowed for delivery order.

Added test accounts, test method links.

1.5March 26, 2019

Added ability to identify:

  • order in the methods of changing and deleting an order by the CDEK order number;
  • city by a city name and/or an address string

Added ability to update international order fields in the changing order method.

1.5March 27, 2019Additional service "Package 1" is available.
1.5April 8, 2019

Added description of the calculator method "Calculating on tariffs without priority"

The country code in the ISO_3166-1_alpha-2 format has been added to the method "Loading the list of pickup points"

1.5April 24, 2019cityName, postcode и regionFiasGuid were added to the method "List of Cities"
1.5May 13, 2019

In the method "Registration of a Request from the Online Store" added the ability to specify the requisites of a real seller in the Seller block for further printing of requisites on checks: Name, Address, Phone, INN, OwnershipForm

Removed individual elements SellerName and SellerAddress

1.5June 17, 2019The opportunity to transfer goods marking will appear soon. In the documentation described the pass format of goods marking in the methods "Registration of a Request from the Online Store", "Order Update" and output format of goods marking in the methods "Order Status Report", "Order Information Report".
1.5August 26, 2019Mandatory fields of the Sender block have been changed in the methods "Registration of a Delivery Order"
1.5September 17, 2019New tag RecipientEmail has been added in the method "Order Change"
1.5September 29, 2019New tag timezone has been added in the "List of cities" method response
1.5October 28, 2019

New filter weightmin has been added in the method "Loading the List of Pickup Points"

New fileds have been added in the calculator methods for identify cities (senderCountryCode, receiverCountryCode, senderCity, receiverCity, senderLongitude, receiverLongitude, senderLatitude, receiverLatitude fields)

1.5January 19, 2020Comment attribute has become mandatory in the method "Registration of a courier invitation"
1.5March 23, 2020

New filter havecash and HaveCash, TakeOnly, WorkTimeExceptions fields have been added to the method "Loading the list of pickup points"

1.5March 27, 2020

The "package volume (in m³)" field is excluded from the calculator API

1.5April 17, 2020Added "Sent to the sender city" and "Received in the sending city" statuses
1.5June 8, 2020Keys of online-shop test account were changed
1.5July 10, 2020Updated reasons for Late Delivery
1.5July 13, 2020Fields were removed from the "Description of Input Parameters" method:
"DeliveryRecipientCost" - Additional delivery charge collected by the online store from the receiver (in the recipient country currency)
"DeliveryRecipientVATRate" - VAT rate included in the extra delivery charge (for more details, see Appendix No. 4)
"DeliveryRecipientVATSum" - VAT amount included in the extra delivery charge
1.5July 14, 2020The "ClientSide" field was removed from the "order Registration for delivery" method"
1.5July 23, 2020
  1. Loading the List of Pickup Points
    1. Changed the "default" value in the Type field from PVZ to ALL
    2. Added Dimensions, width, height, depth fields in response to the request
  2. Added new tariffs for the terminals (361,363, 366, 368, 376, 378)
  3. Added new modes of orders: door-post terminal and warehouse-post terminal
  4. A method of creating order and a method of changing the order:

    1. Updated conditions for the SizeA, SizeB, and SizeC fields
    2. Updated the condition for the PvzCode field
  5. Updated permissions for additional services (Appendix 2)
1.5September 3, 2020178, 179, 180, 181, 182, 183, 231, 232,376 tariff codes are no longer available
1.5September 24, 2020Removed the "Creation of a Pre-Alert Document" method
1.5October 5, 2020For the "Create order" and "Changing the order" methods, the "Length", "Width", and "Height" fields are required.
1.5November 11, 2020Field "isHandout" was added in the "Loading the List of Pickup Points" method
1.5December 15, 2020Field "IsReception" was added in the "Loading the List of Pickup Points" method
January 15, 2021
For the "Order statuses" report, a restriction on the period for uploading changes has been introduced. The period is limited to 31 days.


General Description


No.Tag / attributeDescriptionType of fieldMandatory (yes/no)
1StatusReportDocument title
1.1DateDate of requestdatetime/dateyes
1.2AccountClient identifier (login)string(255)yes
1.4ShowHistoryThe attribute indicating that the order history must be loaded (1 – yes, 0 – no)booleanno
1.5ShowReturnOrderThe attribute indicating that the list of return orders must be loaded (1 – yes, 0 – no)booleanno
1.6ShowReturnOrderHistoryThe attribute indicating that the history of return orders must be loaded (1 – yes, 0 – no)booleanno
1.7LangIdentifier of language in which the request is sent and the response is expectedstring(3)no
1.7ChangePeriod1The period during which the order status has changed.
1.7.1DateFirst3Start date of requested perioddatetime/dateyes
1.7.2DateLast3End date of requested perioddatetime/dateno
1.8Order1Shipment (order)
1.8.1DispatchNumber2CDEK shipment number (assigned when orders are imported). Order identifier in the CDEK IS.integeryes
1.8.2Number2Client's shipment number. Order identifier in the IS of the CDEK client.string(40)yes
1.8.3Date2Date of an acceptance certificate, based on which the order has been transferreddateyes


2 The order is identified either by “DispatchNumber” or by two parameters — Number and Date. If the request has a value of the “DispatchNumber” attribute, “Number” and “Date” attributes will be ignored.
3 The maximum period for uploading changes is 31 days. Those. DateLast - DateFirst = <31 days.

4.9.2. Response Format

The CDEK server will return a result in the form of XML: